Saturday, May 23, 2009

$1 flip flops

You know the economy is in the shitter when Old Navy's $1 flip flop makes a dent in the top ten. It's actually hard to believe you can get much of anything for $1 these days. But one things I would pay $1 not to see is what led the list.

Both Meatloaf(1) and his daughter(2) Pearl Aday we starring on "Don't Forget the Lyrics", that kooky show where people with karaoke voices sing songs no one cares about. And don't forget Wayne Brady, whose biggest mistake was leaving "Who's Line is it Anyways?" Anyhow, these two meat products(3) supposed competed. And here I was thinking that this was the thing that he wouldn't do for love...

(1) The fat white guy, not the seasoned meat in convenient loaf form.
(2) I had no idea the meatloaf could reproduce. I'm not even sure what you end up with. Maybe a meat pie?
(3) Is it coincidence that Meatloaf names his daughter after a brand of deli meat?

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