Monday, May 18, 2009

Harvard saved a super-cynical first day

Before I started to type this post, I looked at today's trends. It was a perfect start. Within the top five were two references to "note to god". Having an actual job and a brain with its frontal cortex still intact, I was not aware that this was some cover by a woman named Charice on the Oprah broadcast. If you weren't convinced that Oprah was too influential, let me repeat slowly...

The top search on Google, amid terror, war, economic turmoil, and plague was about a song originally done by JoJo and covered by an unknown singer named Charice. Right now, we are up to 3 references still in the top 20. No more, please. This amazing run was just crushed by a shooting at Harvard. Actual news, go figure.

So what other gems show up in today's list? If you said the Cheetos Jesus, you'd be right!!! Two hits between 30 and 40, including my favorite - "cheesus". Nothing like a little paradolia to get the day going. If your lord's second coming is foretold by a puffed cheese snack, you might want to reconsider another religion.

And finally for today, two hits about being pregnant at 66 years old. Apparently, one hit was enough. An amazing feat of science and drunkeness, it's amazing to think that when this child is old enough to graduate high school, his mother will be 84!

On the plus side, she can save a bundle on diapers by buying in bulk...

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