Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are we really this stupid?

A question that silly must be rhetorical. Of course, based on today's top 20, this is not a good sign. Two hits, count them, two, focus on "rhetorical". Don't most people learn this when they're young? It turns out that rhetorical questions aren't everyone's cup of tea. I bet you know someone whose delivery leaves you believe that they really are dumb enough to ask.

Yesterday finished up with American Idolesque searches leading the pack, include the dire question we all need to know - "how old is Rod Stewart?"

Dear God, how old is he? The more time he spends on the Earth, the younger parts of him start to look. Maybe it's time to start asking "how old is Rod Stewart's nose?" or "how old is Rod Stewart's spleen?"

Wake up Maggie, sorry, I though I had something to say to you. I can't remember...

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